Welcome to Rent to Love

Hello and Welcome to my blog, I would like to welcome everyone to the inaugural post of Rent to Love!

My name is Leia and I work as an event manager, but don’t let that fool you, I love LOVE love to decorate my home (apartment) with inexpensive decor and DIY projects. As both a young person and someone who lives in a rental unit, I know what a struggle it can be to design and decorate a rented space (with no money) since you are limited by what is already there. I have lived in many types of rentals during my life, from apartments to tiny studios and college dorms and I have made the most out of the constrictions of rental living and a small budget. I believe that your living space should be a home not just a temporary place to live, this will make living more comfortable, efficient and enjoyable.

I have been inspired by many decor, DIY, crafts, and fashion blogs in my life and I finally decided to share some of my own ideas, inspirations and projects, I hope that this blog may be an inspiration for others as well.

Best Wishes,

♥ Leia


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