My Rental Refresh Project


I recently helped some friends look for an apartment in the area where my boyfriend and I live and I had the opportunity to look at the rental market in our area. My boyfriend and I have been discussing the possibility of moving to a new apartment when our lease is up in the summer, my argument for it was to find a more updated apartment since ours is very 90’s builders grade. However after helping my friends look at 1 bedroom apartments which were renting for the same price or sometimes even more than what we are paying for our 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment, we decided that we were not moving any time soon. How can our apartment be so much less expensive? Well, I will explain, try to keep up it’s a confusing story. The apartment itself has been continually occupied for about 4 years, my boyfriend moved in as a roommate to the previous renter (who lived here with his ex-girlfriend before) than that guy moved out and my boyfriend took over the lease and rented out the 2nd bedroom to our current roommate and I moved in about 8 months after that, due to this, the lease has only ever been renewed instead of signing a new one at a much high rate. Another factor of our low rent is that our apartment has not been renovated, the complex has been renovating apartments as they are vacated and renting them at a much higher rate than before.  These two factors are the reason our rent has only increase nominally over the past few years and we are paying a very good rate for our apartment in our area. This hunt opened my eyes to what we currently have and how much money we would be saving has caused me to look at our apartment with new eyes and make some long term plans to refresh our apartment so it will feel like new again.

I plan to share my ongoing progress with these projects with you all in hopes that I can inspire others to rejuvenate their spaces as well. Some of the things I want to accomplish are painting the living room, bedrooms and bathrooms, currently they are all painted a boring beige color, clean our carpets again, work on the patio area so it is more functional and maybe do some small projects in the kitchen and living room.

I will be posting my projects to the blog as well as starting a page, which you can access from the top of the blog, to track our rental refresh project.

Best Wishes,