5 Ways to Buy Cheap Home Decor


Today I am going to share my top 5 ways to save money on home decor. I’m sure many people are familiar with popular home design names such as Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Restoration Hardware and West Elm, however their prices tend to be exorbitant and out of reach for most people. I confess while I love these stores and their designs I have never purchased anything from them due to the cost, this is because I am young (a recent collage grad) and have a limited budget, so the high price drove me away. But having a limited budget doesn’t mean that I don’t buy new home accessories and decor that look just as good as their high priced alternatives. I have discovered these 5 easy ways to maximize your dollars and get the designs you want.


1.    Discount Stores

Stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross and Home Goods are my favorite discount stores to shop at. Most items are discounted between 20%-70% off of retail. Home Goods is the best for a large selection of well know bands and designers, including tons of furniture, decor, rugs, and lighting, however the typical cost per item is usually the highest of the three. While the others are more comparable to each other in price, they all have smaller home sections than Home Goods. My best shopping tips: shop the clearance aisles to really maximize your purchase. Also look for visible defects or damage to the product, usually they will give you a small discount on the item if you ask them nicely.


 2.   Thrift Stores

I am a believer in up-cycling things and donating instead of throwing things away because, someone else’s trash is my treasure. Goodwill is probably the most well know thrift store but there are a multitude of other types, St. Vincent de Paul Society has thrift stores in many cities nationwide, another great option are hospice thrift stores because they usually have a very nice selection of items. One of my favorite places to go is my local county dump. You might be say eeewww now but every once in a while you fine an amazing deal there. My dump has an area where they sell salvaged items from dumps such as a large number of doors and windows, toilets, tubs, bikes, and lots of random stuff. I found the mantel (pictured above creativity) which is in our living room here for $5, I sanded and painted the raw wood to finish it. Compared to a $300 mantel it makes my $5 one look pretty darn great. The dump can however be hit or miss so I usually don’t go out of my way for it. My best shopping tips: check out bargain days where they are offering 50% off or my local Goodwill offers a different colored tag at 50% off each day, maybe yours does too!


 3.   Walmart

I know, I know, it seems so white trash but Walmart is great for basic home decor needs. I buy all my candles for here because they are hands down the cheapest price anywhere and they have a good selection of brands and types. Their LED remote candles and LED tea lights are the cheapest price I have found anywhere and they carry soy and wood wick candles too. Walmart has other great sections too, such as fabrics (they just started selling Waverly Fabrics), good basic floral items such as wreath forms, craft supplies, even super fluffy bath towels, and cheap frames. They also carry a large selection of Better Homes and Gardens products, you can see some BHG towels I bought at Walmart in my bathroom makeoverMy best shopping tips: wait for after season sales, especially Christmas, for even lower prices and always check the clearance sections.


 4.   Coupons and Apps

Michaels Craft Store is probably the best example of a store which gives great coupons and has a great app. Every time I go to Michaels I buy at least one item, usually two, for 40%-50% off. I accomplish this by using their mobile app on my iphone to get a coupon that is worth 40%-50% off one (full price) item. It will give me one of these coupons every time I open the app. Michaels also gives paper coupons, which are usually worth the same as the app, out at the register when you purchase that are good for a future date. I usually have one of those with me too when I make my purchases. Check out other store’s apps for coupons you can use to get discounts. My best shopping tips: have the cashier ring up your items as separate purchases to use two different coupons or even the app coupon twice!


5.    Creativity

While creativity isn’t a trendy brand or place to shop, it will maximize your budget more than any of these stores can. Getting creative with your existing decor pieces to reinvent your space or actually creating your own art for your home are great ways to get FREE home decor and have an unique piece which no one else has. My previously mentioned dump mantel is a great example of using creativity and the decor was all purchased using the above methods. The taller flowers (the mixed bouquet is from Walmart), boxwood in the copper tin, and the bird on the ball were all found at different thrift stores and Goodwill. The candles are LED remote candles from Walmart and the lantern came from Target in the clearance section (always check clearance), I paid less than $10 for it if you can believe that. The ceramic bird and birdcage pedestal came from Michaels using coupons from the app and the owl mirror was a gift, gifts are the best cheap free decor ever! My best shopping tips: keep your eyes open when shopping at thrift store and craft stores for items you can use to create new things out of, or refresh with paint, check out Dollar Stores for cheap mason jars and other items you can craft with. Even use the natural environment around us for greenery or if your really brave you can look for things that other people are throwing away as trash and up-cycle it.

These are my favorite ways to buy (or make) home decor on a budget and still have class and style in my home. My favorite places to be are the clearance sections, thrift stores or up to my elbows in hot glue and burlap and some of my favorite home accessories have been found, up-cycled or made.

Comment with your favorite places to find a deal and your up-cycled or made decor, I would love to see what other have accomplished.

Best Wishes,


Images: Home Goods, Goodwill, Walmart

Better Homes and Gardens Bathroom Makeover for Under $75


Accessories are a great way to bring a fresh look to an outdated bathroom, especially in a rental where you do not have the luxury of changing the fixtures, lighting, cabinets or paint. Changing up the colors and patterns alone can bring a new perspective to your boring builder grade rental bathroom.While buying new everything for your bathroom can get expensive, if you shop carefully you can spruce up your bathroom for around $75 or less! Just adding new towels, rugs, and a soap dish or dispenser can completely update the overall look of the bathroom.


For my update, since I already had the furniture in the bathroom all I had to do was decide on a color scheme that worked with what I already had. Which is dark, and I mean DARK walnut furniture, not my first choice compared to my previous apartment (I had white furniture), but hey it was free and better quality than mine. My previous bathroom (in my old apartment) was designed with stripes in cool, beachy greens and blues. I grew up at the beach and those colors and my seashell watercolor (which makes an appearance in the updated bathroom) really evoked the calm of the ocean for me. I knew I wanted to keep the blues or greens and my watercolor, but with all of the furniture being a very dark walnut and I needed a way to tie it together. The bedroom decor is very girly so I did not want to have an overly feminine feel to the bathroom.


See the seashell watercolor hiding on top of the wall cabinet?

I shopped around for colors and styles I liked and found these towels and floor rugs in this great trellis pattern from Better Homes and Gardens at my local Walmart for a great price! I love the pattern, its sophisticated but not girly and the dark brown reflects the dark furniture. Plus they are SUPER fluffy and soft and the pattern is woven in so the colors are reversed on the other side. I bought two different styles of rugs, one patterned and one in the pretty teal color, to keep the space more interesting and less repetitive, patterns can be overwhelming sometimes. Unfortunately this pattern is not available online anymore, but I do still see them in the store if you are interested in buying them. I had the wire basket which holds lotions and sprays on the counter. I used jars from the dollar store for cotton balls and Q-tips in the wall shelf. I also bought a oil rubbed bronze toilet paper holder  with a plastic sleeve to protect the paper from moisture (I love this feature!) from Ross to complete the look.


The soap dispenser and tumbler are from Target’s Threshold Antique Bath collection in blue. I could have spent a few dollars less on these if I bought BHG brand accessories from Walmart, but I absolutely love the farm styling of the pump so I splurged on it. I also found some very cheap art at a thrift store to keep my beachy vibe going.


I have had these his/hers hooks since I moved in months ago but I didn’t know where to hang them until I made-over the bathroom, now they hang on either side of the wall cabinet and we each have our own towel hook since there is no towel bar in the bathroom.


One of the biggest upgrades we did to the bathroom when I moved in was install a new Waterpik rainfall shower head. I love strong water pressure and lots of spray when I take a shower and my boyfriend loves showers even more than I do. Replacing your existing shower head is a great way to update a rental since it is so easy to do, just save the old one for when you move out. I will follow up with a tutorial for installing one yourself in the future. I don’t really consider this part of the makeover since it was one of the first things I did when I moved in, but I love our shower 100 times more now that we did this.

BathbeforeafterBefore and After 

Overall I like the combination of dark brown and light blue together with the dark walnut and oil rubbed bronze, the dark browns tie in with the wood, the light blue adds a pop of color and the pattern adds interest to an otherwise boring bathroom. I hope this inspires you to see what a few new colors and patterns can do to your bathroom!

So here is the cost breakdown if y’all are interested. I added links to the Target products.

Better Home and Gardens Bath towels: $10

Better Home and Gardens Hand towels: $15

Better Home and Gardens Rugs: $22

Threshold Antique Oil Rubbed Bronze Soap Dispenser: $12

Threshold Antique Tumbler: $9

Oil Rubbed Bronze Toilet Paper Holder $7

Total: $75 (without shower head)

Best Wishes,

♥ Leia

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