Rental Reno: Store It!


This is the first post in an ongoing series called “Rental Reno” which will showcase different “renovations” which you can do in an apartment. 

As a renter I struggle with trying to find space for all of my stuff, not to mention my boyfriend’s and roommate’s things as well. I can well remember my first weeks in this apartment when I was trying to unpack my things, which I had moved from a 1br/1ba into a 2br/2ba apartment that I share with two boys (men). I had boxes everywhere, even in the bathtub! After moving some of the duplicate things into storage, I was able to really evaluate what there was in the apartment and what storage needs I had.

If you are struggling with an over abundance of stuff, I recommend “culling” your collection. Systematically evaluate what you have, consider how often you use it, its location, and its function. I judge things by the “one year rule”, if it hasn’t been used in a year its time to rehome it. Another good evaluation is dust, if something has collected noticeable dust you probably haven’t used it recently. When an item is ready to be rehomed, donate it your local Goodwill or thrift store, you can even get a tax deduction!

Once you have culled you collection of junk stuff, you are ready to start organizing your storage solutions. My favorite things to use for storage are baskets, glass jars, and containers. After moving into a home with two tech focused men, who watch sports games, and play video and online games constantly, I needed to store all the accessories which go along with having an Xbox,Wii, PS3 and PS4 in the apartment. I picked up these super cute shabby chic chicken wire baskets which are lined with polka dot fabric trimmed with lace to store video games, controllers, wires and other accessories under the tables on either side of our living room TV.


I got a few smaller sizes of those polka dot chicken wire baskets and I use one for dog toys and one for leashes.


I use hermetic glass storage jars in the kitchen, which seal out moisture and air, for bulk items like flour, sugar, tea and coffee. You can use chalkboard stickers to label them like I have. I use other glass jars to store things like Q-tips, cotton balls, change or whatever small things I need stored. It looks great and keeps it organized.


We also have tons of kitchen utensils since I love to cook. I used these two kitchen utensil holders to separate our non-stick and metal utensils. A knife block keeps knives handy and contained, while large stacking cups are great for soup or tea!


Consider buying multi-function items, especially if you live in a small space. I have had this mirror with galvanized steel drawers forever, I use the drawers to store communal keys for our apartment.


I use this cute wire basket in the bathroom to store lotions and sprays, it ever looks good with my oil rubbed bronze soap dispenser.


Storage doesn’t have to be cute to be functional! I love cabinet shelves, which I use to store my china and wire under sink baskets to store hair dryers and straighteners in the bathroom.


Those are some of the ways I have dealt with the clutter in my home. How are some ways you all are managing your storage solutions, leave your answers in the comments!

Best Wishes,

♥ Leia